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Festival multicultural

Listado de actos y espectáculos

Disfrute de los mejores espectáculos y artistas en Tampa, Florida. ¡Únase a nosotros para celebrar la música y la danza en el festival multicultural con Redefiners World Languages!

¿Quieres actuar en el evento? ¿Eres un artista, banda o intérprete que busca lugares o eventos para compartir tu arte y música?

Multicultural Fest Performances

12:00 PM


Diamond Lissette & Muhammad Barrow

The show starts with our amazing masters of ceremonies Diamond Lissette and Muhammad Barrow. Diamond is a singer, songwriter, encourager, and co-owner with her husband Dan L. Mitchell in "A Taste Of Heaven Catering & Dining With Dan And Diamond."

Multicultural Fest Performances

12:00 PM

African Diaspora

Kuumba Dancers and Drummers

Kuumba Dancers and Drummers, is a community based organization that offers classes and train their members ranging from young children and adults of all ages.

Presentations consist of extensive research with diverse artists and include dance and music traditions of the African diaspora. Kuumba Dancers and Drummers strive to present an authentic experience to their audiences while preserving and nurturing the art form for generations to come.

Multicultural Fest Performances

12:35 PM

Bellydance and Middle Eastern Folkloric

Oriana Dance Co.

Oriana is a professional award-winning Bellydancer, instructor, author and creator of Fanoos Magazine. She has been an influential member of the Middle Eastern Dance community by professionally choreographing for the stage, authoring books, writing for magazines, touring, competing and coaching students near and far.

Multicultural Fest Performances

01:00 PM

All the Stars. Khona. African Fashion Show

MoEts Goodies and Gifts

MoEts Goodies and gifts will be strutting their stuff on the stage to showcase handcrafted fashion pieces designed by Monique Caston.

Multicultural Fest Performances

01:45 PM

Traditional Thai Song-"Koo Gud" and God Bless America

Ann Poonkasem

Ann P. is Tampa Bay's very own singer, model, television host, actress, multiple pageant title holder and make up artist. Beautiful in mind, spirit, and to the eye, Ann, the legendary Soda Pop Diva, has made a name for herself in the local and national entertainment community and will continue to do so in the future!

Multicultural Fest Performances

02:00 PM

Mixed Genre Adult & Youth Dance Performances

Leonard's Academy of Dance

Performance can include dancers from age 4-adults, representing different dance styles including ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, modern, etc.

Multicultural Fest Performances

03:00 PM

Traditional Panamanian Folklore

Andrea Barrios

The cumbia is the traditional music of Panamá. It is played by different musical instruments such as accordion, drums, bass, and guitar. The feminine voice plays an important role in the melody, and it has a specific sound called “saloma”, which make it different from other types of Latin music.

Multicultural Fest Performances

03:20 PM

Aloha Spirit Dance & Music

Siri Yun

Siri has the Aloha spirit in everything she does. She sings, Plays Ukulele, Piano, and Drums.
She loves musical theater and has performed in several local productions.
She dances Jazz and Hula. Siri is also fluent in English and Mandarin.

Multicultural Fest Performances

03:30 PM

Byron Chalfont

Byron Chalfont

Pianist & Vocal Artist

Languages: English & Mandarin Chinese

Multicultural Fest Performances

03:45 PM

Pop Songs

Alexis Seas

Alexis Seas performs two songs she wrote called "That Way" and "Keep Going".
"That Way" is a fun pop song and "Keep going" is an Inspirational uplifting song.

Multicultural Fest Performances

03:50 PM

Caribbean Flavor

The Tropics Dance

Caribbean dance routine, which includes genres of reggae and dancehall!

Multicultural Fest Performances

04:00 PM

Vocal Performance

Shawnc Kpris

Singing original music and cover songs by Beyoncé & Rihanna

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